How To Make A Business Website

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Are you looking for a quick and easy guide on how to make a business website?

In this article, you will learn everything you need to know to start a website for your business that helps you get more customers around the world and selling your products or services online.

No matter, If you are a first-time of starting a business website then no problems because we’ll be walking you through every step that will help you create an amazing business website for your own.

Why Does Every Business Need A Website?

The reason why every business needs a website is to increase company credibility, There may have several companies are offering similar products or services to your company.

The way you can stand out is to make a business website for your business that looks great and provide clearly communicates quality information to your consumers.

If you are doing business online, without a website people may ask about your legitimacy as a business. Having a website is an opportunity to give people comfort that you’re a real business.

Here are what we’ll cover in this article:

Now you had to know everything about why your business should have a website and what we’ll cover in this article.

Let’s getting started!

How to Find A Perfect Domain Name for Website

When we talk about finding the domain name we need to think about the domain name registrar. If you are not sure what is a domain registrar? it is the company that provides the domain name registration service.

There are lots of domain registrars on the market to register a domain with if you are not sure where to go you can also read our guide on:

In this example, I’ll pick Namecheap its one of the most popular domain registrar that you can use to register a domain name.

1 Go to Namecheap

Before we can getting start we first need to go to the Namecheap domain registrar official website to begin finding the domain name for our website. Go to Namecheap now by clicking here.

After you also come to the Namecheap site then we are good to go…

2 Find a domain name

Now at Namecheap you’ll see the search box, then what you had to do is just type in the name you want to register with Namecheap.


The domain names you’re trying to search for, may or may not be available because sometimes people already registered the domain name you want but don’t worry you will get a similar domain you want with the trick I will show you.

Here an example: I am now trying to find to domain name “” and it show me the domain isn’t available for me to register.

how to find domain name

But here is the trick…

I trying to add the word “The” in-front of the domain name I want “guideblogging” then it show me available to register, sound good right?

namecheap available domain name

If the domain you’re looking for is not available for you, what you can do is just add some words like: “The”, “A”, or “Best” before your domain name and then test it out as we did above.

3 Purchase Your Domain Name

After you had found the domain name you want ready it time to purchase and get it for your website. Now click on the “Add to cart” button.

purchase domain name for start a business website

After you’re added to the cart at right corner hover on the cart icon and then click on the “View Cart“.

view cart

After you had click on the view cart it will bring you to the next page that allows you to configure your order such as:

  1. Set your domain registration periods, it automatically adds as 1 year but you can set to more longer you if you want to.
  2. You can add on some more products like Premium DNS.
  3. Click on confirm the order to go.

Now to complete your purchase you need to log in or create an account with Namecheap if you don’t have one. 

So if you are new to Namecheap then just create an account with it and you are good to go.

create an namecheap account

The next step you’ll do is to provide your contact information details field out the all the require information.

In the next step, you need to configure the Whois lookup information, after you’re done then click on the continue button.

namecheap whois information

After you have done that click on continue and then it will bring you to the next step which allows you to add the billing information. 

All you need to do is to provide a payment method or field out your credit card information to complete the payment.

namecheap billing information

When you had done this then and click on continue after it will bring you to the final steps which allow you to review your order and complete your purchase so make sure you complete to get the domain you want.

How to Get A Web Hosting with Flywheel

You may wonder what is web hosting? if you’re are the first time to create a website, don’t worry I will tell you in seconds below.

Web hosting is an online service that allows you to publish your website files on the internet. So, everyone can access your website files when they’re online.

Web hosting can be provided by the web hosting companies that are available on the market, which everyone can purchase to host their website and make it live on the internet.

So, today we’ll get the best web hosting service from one of the best-managed WordPress hosting providers called “Flywheel“.

To get your website host with Flywheel you need to get its hosting plan which we’ll be working on a bit later.

1 Go to Flywheel

Before we do things with Flywheel we first need to go to its website to begin making things the ways we want to. You can go to Flywheel now to by click here.

2 Create An Account With Flywheel

Create an account with Flywheel is really simple and super easy, you’ll be spend less than 5 minutes to create once.

To begin create account at the top menu of Flywheel go and click on the Log In after new page bringing up then go click on Sign up at the top right corner.

create an account with flywheel

After you see the new page coming up and what you had to do is field out your account details to begin creating an account with Flywheel.

You have two options for sign up with Flywheel whether you want to sign up via your Google account or do it manually.

After you had done completed the account information then click on tick on “I Agree to Flywheel’s terms of service” and then click on the “Next” button to continue.

After the new page will come up then it allows you to complete your profile details such as your name, last name, contact number… etc.

flywheel account profile

After you had done click on the “Finish” button, now you have done created your Flywheel account it is time to get a hosting plan from it to start a business website that looks professional.

3 Get A Flywheel WordPress Hosting

Now at the Flywheel homepage or the top menu go and click on the “Pricing” or “View Plans” button to go to the pricing page for choosing the hosting plan on Flywheel.

start a business website

After then it brings you to the pricing page which you can select the type of hosting and see the hosting plan and pricing.

At the middle of the page, you’ll see two taps and make sure you had selected the first one “Managed Hosting” as shown in the image below.

start a website

Next, you had to scroll a bit down and then you’ll see the several different pricing tables which you must choose one of those plans to host your website with Flywheel.

Flywheel pricing plans

If you’re the first time starting your website and they do not need many advanced features a the moment because you have to some times of developing your website to get growth.

So I highly recommend you to choose the “Tiny” plan which costs you the best value and get the best features to make a business website with, by choosing this plan also helps you save more money from your web hosting.


Don’t worry about your current picking plans too much because you can always upgrade to the higher plans anytime when your website gets growth more traffics and need more advanced features.

Now all you have to do is clicking on the “Get Started” button after it bring up the new page which allows to field to out your subscription details.

Flywheel Subscription
  1. You have to put the name for your subscription and select which Datacenter you want to host your website with.
  2. Select your payment (whether you go for yearly or monthly) Add your payment methods.
  3. Add your billing address details and if you have a promotion code you can also apply them in the coupon code box.
Flywheel billing address @ make a business website

After you had done all then click on the “Check Out” button to complete the payment. Now you had done getting web hosting with Flywheel which leading us to the next step.

Create Your WordPress Website With Flywheel

Now you have come to a close to making your business website live online with your Flywheel hosting and WordPress.

You may be wondering what is WordPress? Well, WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems (CMS) on the market that allows non-techie people to create their websites without knowing any coding or programming knowledge.

According to the W3Tech CMS usage statistic, there are over 65% of websites using WordPress as their content management platform, which is the highest amount among other CMS on the market.

cms stats

Now let’s get back to our WordPress installation to create an amazing business website. Let’s get started!

1 Add New Site

On the Flywheel top menu click on “New Site” button to add new WordPress website and then site creation page will bring up.

make a business website

Now the who will own this site? you have to click on “Me” and then at the below click the hosting plan that you just bought from Flywheel then scroll a bit down.

2 Setup Your WordPress Website

  1. You need to add Your site name.
  2. Add your site temporary domain name.
make a business website

Then scroll a bit down to complete your WordPress site login details and this really important to make sure you need to remember it because it uses to log in to your site every time.

make a business website

You have to field out your Admin username and password and then after you completed all of these then click on Create New Site button then the system will create your brand new website and just wait to make it completed installation.

Now you had done or created a WordPress website which leads us to the next step of starting a business website.

Add Your Domain Name to Your Website

After you had created a new site then let’s add a domain to your new site and also point your domain DNS to your web host to make work with your hosted website.

On the top right of your website your will see the plus button then go in click on it to add domain name you want to add.

add domain name

Enter the domain name you want to add and then make sure to tick on primary after click Add Domain button.

Now you had added the domain to your website but it still not working yet because you don’t point your domain name to the hosting server yet to make it work perfectly you need to point to your host.

Read the complete guide by Flywheel on how to custom point your domain or DNS to Flywheel.

The Flywheel had done this really well by guides you with the most popular domain registrar there so you can quickly understand how to do that why your domain registrar.


One thing you should do on your Flywheel account is to turn off privacy mode if you don’t do it otherwise Google crawler and the visitor cannot see your website unless their has your password.

Here is how you can do your site page scroll a bit down until you see the Privacy Mode tab then switch it off.

After you had done point your domain to Flywheel just wait for the domain registrar to change the DNS it sometimes took around 48hours but sometimes may be faster than that as my experience. 

Enable SSL Certificate for Your Website

After you had added the domain name and point the domain name correctly to your hosting server now you can enable the SSL certificate to make your looks more secure.

On your site, you’ll see a button Enable SSL then just click on it and following the introductions to enable it.

enable ssl certificate on flywheel

How to Make A Business Website

The time you have been waiting for a while is now coming to start a business website that looks professional for your business.

So to do things on your site you need to log in to your website admin dashboard by entering your domain (see example).

For example

wordpress login

Then you will see a screen like the above image then all you had to do is just enter the username and password where you had created on Flywheel during creating a new site as I mention to remember it.

After you logged in you’re good to go…

To make your website looks professional we need to install a theme called Astra, why Astra? that is because Astra is the most popular lightweight theme that will boost your site speed and SEO.

And we also need a website builder plugin called Elementor which will helps us to build an amazing business website today.

If you don’t know how to install a WordPress theme & plugin we highly recommend you to read our guide on:

To begin to make a business website all you need to do is install the Astra theme on your WordPress website.

1 Install Astra Theme

On your admin dashboard at the left side go and click on Appearance > Theme > Add New after search for Astra and then click on the Install button.

make a website

After the installation done all you need to is just click on activate button to allow the theme working on your WordPress website.

make a website

Now I want you to go to your dashboard once again Appearance > Theme > Astra Options.


We’ll important pre-built template from Astra theme that will make your business website looks amazing, so just follow my steps…

Astra Options

After the new page will come up and then the right side goes and click on “Install Importer plugin” to be able to import the template from Astra.

2 Import Website Template From Astra

make a business website

After you had install the new screen will popup then I want to to click on Elementor.

make a business website

After tons of pre-built template will show up then all you need to do find out one that fit for your business after you found one click on it to see the preview and ready to import.

make a business website

After you have to click on the “Import Compete Site” button to import all the site data to your site, now all you have to do is wait until the import is completed and then you’ll be able to view the change of your site after imported.

make a website

While importing the template Elementor plugin also automatically install if you don’t install it yet on your site.

After the import is complete all you have to do is click on the view site to the changes.

Now to edit things on your site at the to bar you will see the words “Edit with Elementor” click on it you’ll be able to edit change something you want to change on your page.

make a business website

Wrapping Up

Alright, now you had done learning how to make a business website for your business with our step-by-step guide.

In 2021 there is really important for every business to have a website that will help those businesses get more customers from the globe and increase more sales online.

So, I hope this guide will help you create an amazing business website for your own by following my introductions.

Disclosures: This article may contains affiliate link mean when you click on the link and purchase product through our link we earn commission ( with no additional cost to you). Which get me a cup of coffee while creating a content for you.

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