Are you looking for a free Backlink checker tool to helps you check your website backlinks or find link opportunities from your competitor?

As backlinks is a playing role in SEO to get organic traffic from the search, we always desire more backlinks to our site to improve site authority that make Google trust and rank our website.

So in this article, we had covered the best free Backlinks checker tools that help you use to find out how many backlinks your website has, looking to get backlinks opportunities from your competitor, or another SEO link-building purpose you may have in mind.

And looking for free backlinks checker tools that help you proceed with your work much faster. 

Here are the top 8 most popular free backlink checker tools in 2021 you can use to check your website or competitor backlinks profiles.

12 Best Free Backlinks Checker Tools

Here are the best free competitor backlink checker tools available on the web for you to use on your backlinks purpose…

1. Ahrefs Backlink Checker

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO platform that provided many types of SEO tools to customers to helps them improve their website ranking on search engine.

Among those tools, Ahrefs gives you a free backlink checker tool to helps you find out how many backlinks you had or which site links to your website.

You also can use this free SEO tool to analyze your competitor backlink profile which gives you an idea of link building strategy and more…

Ahrefs Best free backlink checker tool

To use the tool you need to enter your domain or your competitor domain name then click on the “Check Backlinks” button and complete the reCaptcha to see the backlink data of the site.

The tool will show you such as:

  • Domain Rate (DR)
  • Number of Backlinks 
  • Number of Referring Domains
  • List of Backlinks.
Ahrefs backlinks checker

You can also check the top 5 anchors and top 5 pages that to see which page get more link to your website clicking on taps below Domain rate metric.

Ahrefs Top 5 anchors Backlinks

2. SEMrush

SEMrush is another popular SEO & marketing platform that helps drive more traffics, reach to right target audiences, and increase more sales through digital marketing.

This platform provides a marketing toolset, so customers can use the tools to improve their marketing strategy in one place.

SEMrush also offers a free competitor backlink checker tool that allows the user to check their competitor backlinks, or even check their own site backlinks profile or doing backlinks analysis to bring their link-building strategy to the next level.

SEMrush a SEO & Marketing Toolset

To start doing backlink analysis you need to enter your site or competitor domain name in the box and click on the “Start now” button.

After, if you first time using SEMrush then it’ll as you to sign up an account to use the tool, then just create one.

SEMrush create new account

You can create an account via your Google or through your email address with SEMrush.

SEMrush free backlink checker

After you had done creating your account with SEMrush it will bring it to the platform dashboard, at the left side menu go and click on “Backlink Analytics” after entering the domain name (see image above) your want to check the backlink with the tool then click “Analyze” button.

The tool will bring you to the analyzed page which details all the backlinks data such as:

  • Domain authority score
  • Number of Referring Domain
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Monthly visitors
  • Keyword
  • and more…
SEMrush Backlink analytics

Now you’ll see all the information about site backlinks profile provided by the tool, it has good interface design that make you quick understand backlinks structure.

3. LinkMiner

If you want an advance backlink checker tools that allow to check your competitor backlinks profile or your own site backlinks, then LinkMiner is the best tools for you.

With LinkMiner you’ll get a powerful and a big database backlinks tool which provide you the accurate links data.

LinkMiner Backlink checker tools

To check backlinks with LinkMiner you need to sign up an account with Mangools after you are ready to go…

Enter the domain name you want to check in the search box and then press enter or clicking on the “Find Backlinks” button.

Here thing you can do with the tool of checking the links:

  • Advance Filter features which allows you to do link filter.
  • Easy to check tools number of backlinks and referring domains.
  • New/Lost links options filter.
  • Easy to export your links reports.

4. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest backlink is a free tool to use for link checking of any site, it provides accurate backlinks data and detail all the information about the link.

The most popular with Ubersuggest backlinks is New & Lost link data this feature provides nice information about what going on with your site backlinks profile.

ubersuggest backlinks checker tools

To begin checking your site backlink you need to enter the domain name in the search box then click on the “Search” button.

The tool will analyze the site backlink profile data and shows all the information about the links to the user with well design interface.

After search the tool will show you:

  • Domain authority
  • Number of Backlinks
  • Number of Referring Domains
  • Organic monthly traffic.
Ubersuggest Backlinks

When you scroll abit down you’ll see the chart of new and lost links and more data.

Ubersugest new & lost links data

Below that you can see the referring domains by domain authority chart and number of backlinks by anchor text.

ubersuggest anchor text

When you scroll abit more down you’ll see the list of backlink that the site has.

backlink list

With this list you can do more than just see the URLs, you can use the advanced Filters to find out the type of links the way you want such as:

  • All Link
  • Follow
  • No-Follow
  • One Link Per Domain

You also can export the list to a CSV file for future purposes.

5. Moz Link Explorer

Moz is an SEO platform that provides SEO tools that helps website owner check their website SEO and improve search ranking. 

Moz link explorer is another free backlink checker tool that allows webmasters to check that site backlink data for free.

Here how you can use tools to check your site backlinks…

Moz link explorer tool

You first need to enter a site domain name you want to check backlinks then click on the “Get free backlinks data” button.

The tool will pop up and ask you to sign up for an account or login then if you don’t have one, you need to create an account to use the tool.

After you all set it to bring you to the backlinks analysis page which shows you the information about your site backlinks.

Such as:

  • Domain authority
  • Number of Linking Domains
  • Inbound Links
  • Ranking Keywords
  • Quick Download option
  • Links detail charts.
moz link checker result

After you scroll a bit down you’ll see the list of links that give you more detail about your site backlinks such as follow and no-follow links.

moz follow vs no follow links

You also can get more information about links by domain authority chart and top anchor text.

moz link by domain authority

6. Majestic

Majestic is a large backlink database in the market, this tool allows you to check your website backlink profile free with limited sessions.

The tools will show you site backlink data in a place that make you quickly understand easy to check with their good design user interface (UI) which see the details in the image below.

Majestic backlinks checker

Like other tools, you first need to enter a site domain name to check the backlinks profile data of that site.

After you have to click on the search icon button to request the search, then it will bring up the link reports page.

Majestic link reports

You’ll get more than just a number of backlinks or site authority but tools also reported the type of backlinks you the has, which makes it easy to check what type of website domain extension has linked to your site.

majestic type of links

The tools also detail the percent language of those sites that linked to yours with a nice graphic chart.

majestic site lang chart

7. Monitor Backlinks

Backlink Monitor is another backlink checker tool that helps you track your website and new competitor backlinks when the site has a new link it will notify you.

If you want to keep tracking your competitor’s new link this tool is a great tool that helps you do this task. 

Monitor Backlinks offers a paid version but they also give users an opportunity to test the tool and check your site backlink by using the limited time free trial version offers

monitor backlinks login

To use the tool you need to create an account with Monitor Backlinks then you have to create one if you don’t have an account yet.

After you don’t the account creation the tool will ask you to confirm your account, now there are two options for you to add your domain to the tool.

  • Add Domain using Google Analytics
  • Add Domain without Google Analytics
monitor backlinks

After you choose one of these options and adding your site domain then the tool will ask you to add your competitor’s domain to do the analysis and comparison of both domain backlinks profiles.

monitor backlinks competitor domain

After you had add the competitor domain name then the also ask you to add the competitive keyword or you can skip this step…

add keyword

Now you all set the tool will bring you up the analyzed reports page which you will see the full detail reports and if you scroll a bit down you will the latest backlinks list of your site competitor backlinks.

link compare

8. SERanking - Backlinks Checker

SERanking also a great free backlink tool you can use to check your website backlinks, the tool’s interface really user-friendly and easy to even you are the first to the tool.

The begin doing backlink analysis with the tool you need to enter the site URLs in the search box.

SERanking Backlink analysis

After you entered the domain name then you need to click on the “Find Backlinks” button to allow doing backlinks analysis.

In a few seconds, you’ll the results report by the tool (like the image below)…

SEranking backlinks reports

This provide a clean and well design backlinks reports, which you can easily check your site backlinks data really quick.

9. SEObility

SEObility offers a free backlink checker tool that helps webmaster to check their site backlink profile or doing competitors backlinks analysis that you easy to built SEO link building strategy for your competitive term.

This free tool is really simple and easy to use everything design in a simple way. To check the site backlinks you first need to enter your website URLs or domain.

SEObility backlink checker tool

After you had enter your website domain and click on the “Check Backlinks” button then the tool will do the links analysis then bring up reports of your backlinks data with the list.

links analyzed results

You can even export the list of links data to your local computer by clicking on Export options at the top right of the list of links.

10. Free Backlink Checker by LRT

Free Backlink Checker tools by Link Research Tool (LRT) is a Google Chrome extension that helps you check your webpage links such as: 

  • Follow
  • No-Follow
  • Broken Link

This tool is really simple and easy to use tool, the first thing you had to do is just install the tool extension on your Chrome browser and then you are ready to go…

The check the links you have to click on the link checker icon on the top right corner of your browser.

link checker by LRT

If you want more details about the links on your page you can easily check it by click on the export as shown in the image above.


SiteChecker Pro also offer a free backlink checker tool that helps user find out how many links their site has or doing the backlinks analysis to get ideas of link building strategy for outrank the competitor site.

This tool have well design interface that look attractive and it really easy and simple to use for checking your site backlinks.

sitechecker pro backlinks checker

To check the website backlinks we have to enter the domain name and click arrow button and complete the reCaptcha to go…

The tool will show you the detail reports of your site links data that it get from the web and provide in a nice interface.

backlinks reports

If you scroll a bit down then you will see more reports with a specific data of the backlinks your site has.

12. Rank Watch Backlinks Analyzer

Rank Watch Backlinks Analyzer is another choice for you to check your website backlinks, this tool is free to use and it gives you the backlinks data reports similar to other tools you have seen above.

In my opinion, this tool is a really simple tool and has a simple website architecture design, it’s an easy-to-use tool.

Rankwatch backlink checker

Now, to check the site backlinks with Rank Watch Backlinks checker you need to enter the domain name and click on the “Explore Backlinks” button.

Wait a few seconds for the tool to detect and generate backlinks data reports for you to check out what going on with your site backlinks profile.

Rank Watch backlinks reports

You’ll see the reports like the image above and more detailed stats the tool provides you to make sure you get the right results of backlink data analysis from the tool.


Backlink-Tool is a tool powered by SEObility but this is unique tool that focusing only provide a backlinks tool to user.

As it powered by SEObility then the processing of checking backlinks of your site is similar to SEObility backlinks tool.

backlink-tool org

To getting started with the tool we need to type in our site domain and click on the “Check Backlinks” button to get start, the tool will analyze and show up the reports.

Here what it will look like…

Wrapping Up

These all the free backlinks checker tools that you can use to find out your site website links or looking to check your competitor website backlinks to build your SEO link building plan.

Now your turn to choose one of these tools for use to find out what site linking to yours or see what going with your competitors site backlinks.

You also can tell us which tool is the best for you and in case we miss out the tool you’re are currently using and work best for you, we glad to hear from you.

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