4 Tips to Create a Highly Catchy Domain name

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Billions of websites have been created since the internet was introduced, thousands of domain names are being registered daily make it the most competitive field on the planet.

Literally joining the internet cloud demands your creativity and uniqueness be it a business website, blogging, or any other Niche. Many companies, professional individuals out there are competing for site traffics, Everybody fighting for the golden traffic potion.

But what’s the secret the most successful companies like Google, Yahoo, and Yandex know?

The simple answer is, It all starts with a great domain name! Make it Catchy, Unique, Short, Simple, and see the magic.

So today I’m going to show you 4 tips on how to create a catchy Domain name.

How to Create A Catchy Domain name

how to choose catchy domain name

Let’s getting started…

1. choose your TLD carefully

This is the core part of your domain, We have a variety of TLDs right from .com .org .net .io .xyz and other hundreds of choices.

The research shows that .com TLDs are the most trusted TLD at the worldwide level. Now for this reason People tend to avoid sites with .xyz and. online domains due to being related to scam anonymous websites.

So do some research first before you choose your TLD.

2. Shorten Your Domain name

Remove all junk letters or unnecessary letters to make it easy for a user to get along with.

For example, BBC Domain could have been (www.britishbroadcastingcooperation.co.uk) in which it’s too long, Annoying and tiresome so instead they shorten it to (www.bbc.co.uk) which is user friendly, easy and very catchy.

To conclude this point, create a shortcode as your domain but make sure the code you decide to use is related to your website too.

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3. Use Rich Keywords

Do you know the reason why betting companies (like VictorBet, Betpawa, Bet365, Betway) have a “Bet” tag on their domain names?
It’s simply because the keyword “BET” is a rich Keyword in their operating Niche.

Another example is that Almost all Insurance companies have the “insurance” tag in their domains, which gives the user an automatic introduction to what he/she should expect on the site.

So dig deeper into your Niche and look for the best keywords, but Keep checking on my site for I’ll update the best keywords for every Niche on my next post.

4. Be common and easy, Not complicated.

Do you feel the power of simple domains like Sneeze.com, Love.com, it sounds easy and highly catchy but let’s still take it to the next level by adding our previous keywords tag “bet”, it will be (sneezeBet.com) who doesn’t know sneeze? It’s a very common word and will get into the user’s brain easily and that’s what we wanted.

5. Use Domain Name Generator Tools

If you don’t know how to find a catchy domain name for your blog or website and don’t want to waste your time of finding the best domain for you.

Then you can use the tools helps you speed up your processing of find the high catchy domain by just entering your niche and the tools will gives you tons suggestion domain name.

You can use the tools like Domain Wheel name generator to find the right one for your site.

If this tools not work best for you then you can do research on Google to find the best domain name generator on the web.

Wrapping Up

Finally, creating a catchy, short and easy great domain name is just that super simple, but it really benefit for your business because your customers getting easy to remember your brand name.

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