10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins & SEO Tools for WordPress Users

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Working on creating content for a blog without an SEO plugin it hard to figure out what going wrong or right on our content SEO, which means we’re about to guess our content SEO optimization quality.

That is why the WordPress SEO plugin comes in to helps WordPress webmaster do their on-site SEO analysis and optimize their content for search engines.

There are lots of WordPress SEO plugins available for you to download and install, but the question is what is the best SEO plugin that actually works on our site and helps you doing SEO optimization quickly and easily.

So If you’re wondering or get stuck to find out what are the best WordPress SEO plugins to use on your site? then you’re in the right place.

In this article, we are going to cover the most popular WordPress SEO plugins that got hundred of thousand of installations and got recommend by many WordPress experts.

Want to know which WordPress SEO plugins is best for your site? then all you have to do is continue reading to find out the best one for yours.

What is WordPress SEO plugin?

WordPress SEO Plugin also known as WordPress Search Engine Optimization plugin it is the WordPress additional functionality build in specific terms for SEO with the aim to provide quick SEO analysis and helps user optimize their web content for better SEO quickly and easily.

The plugin will automate metric the content SEO and shows the user what needs to improve or well-optimized base on the ranking factors that search engines use to rank the webpage. 

Those factors include the meta title tag, meta description, internal linking, keyword optimization, image optimization…etc. 

The SEO plugin also generates the SEO optimization reports of the content with a good design interface that makes users easy to follow of fixing the SEO issue on the page to ensure everything going well with your content optimization.

Here are the quick previews of the top 10 best WordPress SEO plugins we’ll cover in this article and all of these SEO plugins are get tons of install and active by WordPress users.

  1. Rank Math
  2. Yoast
  3. AIO SEO
  4. SEOPress
  5. SEO Framework
  6. SEO Squirrly
  7. WordLift
  8. WP Rocket
  9. Redirection
  10. Schema Pro

10 Best WordPress SEO Plugins to Consider

As we had mentioned that there are lots of SEO plugins for WordPress on the market that offering free and premium versions that allow you to download and install on your website.

Here are the best WordPress SEO plugins that have tons of websites are install and using nowadays, also the most recommended plugins by many expert WordPress bloggers.

1 Rank Math

Rank Math is a powerful SEO plugin for WordPress that comes with lots of great features – This plugin is the most popular once in the market in term of SEO that has hundred thousand websites install and active to improve site SEO.

The plugin comes with the Google Search Console integration that bring users more in-dept of SEO analytics insight in one place which makes the users can quickly check the ranking status right in the analytics dashboard.

Rank Math Best WordPress SEO Plugin

The plugin provides accurate on-page SEO data analytics with good interface reports and easy-to-follow steps.

The reports will show you how and where to fix the SEO issues in any webpage you’re working on to improve the SEO score that makes the webpage content more likely for search engine visibility on the SERPs.🚀

Rank Math is the only SEO plugin that we use on DigitolCamp (this website) to helps us optimize our site content for search engines and it works really great for our site in SEO optimization.

⭐The powerful features of the Rank Math SEO plugin.

  • Quick and easy to import SEO data from other SEO plugins if users want to move the current SEO plugin to Rank Math.
  • Search Console Integration – It helps users get more in-depth analytics insight of the site searches visibility status in one place.
  • Provide easy-to-navigate SEO reports in a nice and clean interface that makes users easy to follow in fixing the SEO issues.
  • The plugin comes with the 404 monitor features which provide the 404 error or page not found reports which make users easily fix those issues to keep site SEO healthy.
  • You can add more than one focus keyword in the focus keyword input field for every content your wish to rank for multi-keywords.

2 Yoast SEO

You properly heard about Yoast SEO plugin I guess because this plugin is the most popular WordPress SEO plugin in the past decade until today. 

This plugin has got over 5 millions websites activate install  and has over 2 millions domains using Yoast SEO plugin according to SimilarTech stats.📈

Yoast also one of the best WordPress SEO plugins that helps tons of bloggers, marketer, and website owners get more traffic from the organic search by using the plugin to improve their on site search engine optimization.

Yoast SEO: It is one of the best WordPress SEO plugins

As the popularity itself, the plugin has to gain lots of recommendation from bloggers, marketers, SEO experts, and many others that recommend newbie site owner to Yoast SEO plugin as the options when it come to choosing the SEO plugin for a site and you can see we also did recommend here.

⭐The Standout features of Yoast SEO

  • Improves your SEO on entire WordPress websites and content, and gives you control over the SEO metadata.
  • Help you improve the quality of your site search and help users find your most important content.
  • Yoast Redirect – to prevent thin content and excess pages, Yoast SEO redirects your attachment URLs to the actual image.
  • Advance structure data- by adding structured data is one of the most effective ways of getting your site noticed by search engines.
  • Duplicate keyphrases checking features this check helps you avoid using duplicate key phrases, which helps your pages rank better!


All In One SEO is a WordPress SEO plugin that started in 2007, The aim of creating this plugin is to help website owners doing website SEO without hiring SEO experts or developers to set up SEO for them that is why the AIO SEO comes in.

The plugin today has gained over 2 million websites active install and use this plugin to improve their website search engine optimization that helps site owners get more traffic from the search.

AIO SEO is taking the user experience as the #1 priority, the AIO SEO experts have designed the workflow of SEO optimization with an easy-to-follow structure that makes you outrank your competitor on the search.

AIO SEO Best WordPress SEO plugin

AIO SEO is the other best WordPress SEO plugin that works great for every website on improving SEO and makes the site more likely for search engines to be visible on the SERPs.

If you’re looking to taste the experience with SEO, the AIO SEO plugin is the one you can try out and use to helps your site SEO health to improve your search ranking position or outrank your competitor.

⭐The key features of the AIO SEO Plugin

  • TruSEO score – detailed content & readability analysis to help webmasters optimize their pages for higher SEO rankings.
  • Smart Meta Title & Description – Automatic SEO generation, dynamic SEO smart tags, or even can get over control of your metadata.
  • Unlimited SEO Keywords – the SEO content analyzer helps you add or optimize your pages for unlimited SEO keywords.
  • Google Search Console – Connect your WordPress site with the Google search console to see additional analytics SEO insights.
  • Competitor Site SEO Analysis – the competitor analytics feature helps you analyze competitor SEO to outrank them by improving your website’s SEO optimization.

4 SEOPress

SEOPress is a powerful WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your SEO, boost website organic traffic from the search, improve more social share, create custom HTML & XML sitemap, create optimized breadcrumbs, and much more…

The plugin has gained over 100,000 websites are activate install and use this plugin to improve site SEO and help them outrank the competitor with an easy-to-follow SEO workflow to fix any on-page SEO issues.

SEO Press WordPress SEO Plugin

This plugin is one most popular SEO plugin on the market that provide the most powerful SEO features for a website to improve search ranking and gain more traffic through the search.

The plugin is also the best option for every website owner who’s are looking for the best WordPress SEO plugin for their WordPress website.

⭐ The keyword features that make SEOPress standout

  • Content analysis or optimize with unlimited keywords
    (even in the free).
  • Redirect attachments to post parent or file URL.
  • Google Local Business Data Type – It helps to get better SEO optimization for local ranking.
  • Dublin Core – It is great for the initiative to create a digital library catalog for a website.
  • Create custom HTML and XML sitemap for free.

5 SEO Framework

SEO Framework is the lightweight WordPress SEO plugin and the only complete-feature SEO plugin that follows the white-hat guidelines of WordPress and search engines.

Start using a proven WordPress SEO plugin to optimize your website for SEO. Clean, dedicated, extensible, unrestricted, ad-free, and no strings attached.

It’s easy to get started with the plugin by just activate and install the plugin and your site’s instantly protected against prominent SEO attacks. 

The SEO Framework will also prefill all critical meta tags for your webpage and you can even over control it yourself.

SEO Framework the lightweight SEO plugin

It is also the best WordPress SEO plugin and the best option for everyone who wants a powerful lightweight SEO plugin to use for search engine optimization that will improve a website ranking. 

⭐The keyword features that make it a great choice

  • A Superfast SEO plugin that will not impact your site loading time.
  • Local SEO – these features will helps you improve your site ranking locally.
  • An AMP integration – It helps your site be fully responsive & compatible with any mobile device it is a great factor for SEO.
  • Redirects – Improve site SEO with redirection to keep site SEO healthy.
  • Comment caching for spammers – It will detect all the comment spam on your site.

6 SEO Squirrly

SEO Squirrly is an Artificial Intelligent (AI) based WordPress SEO plugin the machine learning of the plugin has learned thousand and thousand of websites to bring the better SEO to consult for your site to improve.

This WordPress plugin is a bit different than others because it uses the AI-based and private SEO consultant that makes your site improve the ranking, apart from that this SEO tool features are free to use with no additional cost.

SEO Squirrly an AI WordPress SEO Plugin

⭐The keyword features of Squirrly SEO plugin

  • Squirrly comes with both AI and private SEO consultants which helps you understand what to do with your site SEO.
  • If you plan to move the previous SEO plugin to Squirrly, It still keeps everything setting from the previous setup.
  • It provides a tool that helps you analyze your competitor to see how to outrank them.
  • You’ll get progress monitoring on a weekly basis, along with the tool that shows the recent social shares of your content.

7 WordLift

WordLift is another Best WordPress SEO plugin powered by AI to the advanced SEO optimization for your site SEO to improve site traffic from search engines. 

This plugin help organize your content by automating structure data markup, other than that WordLift improves content findability by adding internal links recommendation widget and semantic metadata.

The goal of the WordLift WordPress SEO plugin is to make “Agentive SEO” via AI itself to helps site owners, marketers, and business owners focus their attention on where else without worry about SEO optimization.

wordlift seo plugin

⭐The keyword features of WordLift that make a standout

  • First using natural language processing and knowledge graphs for automating structured linked data markup.
  • Uses WooRank’s technology to help you track the performance of your content and provide information on how to improve your site SEO.
  • Integrates with Google Analytics.

8 WP Rocket

WP Rocket is the WordPress cache plugin that helps every site improve performance and loading time which will boost your website ranking on search engines.

The thing is that the search use site speed as the most important factor to rank a website – the goal of using this factor that because the search engines want to bring their users with a good user experience and the best result for to the users.

This plugin is the best WordPress SEO plugin in caching and improvement your site speed that a better experience to user of viewing your site and it really helps your site SEO to improve your search ranking position that will drive tons of traffic or outrank your competitor.

The advantage of using WP Rocket 🚀

  • Improve your site performance and decrease loading times.
  • Improve your site page experience.
  • Optimize your site for core web vitals ranking algorithm.
  • Minify CSS & JavaScript to boost the page load.
  • Optimize image for SEO and improve the loading time by the lazy load.
  • Advanced caching your webpage to reduce the server request or TTFB.

9 Redirection

Redirection is a plugin uses to redirect URLs that are not available to live once and monitoring the 404 errors or pages not found to keep the site safe from the 404 errors page not found.

This plugin will help your site keep a good user experience by return the page not found on your site and redirect somewhere else this is a good practice in SEO and it help your site bounce rate.

Redirection plugin

But nowadays the most popular SEO plugin like Rank Math and Yoast have already included this feature on their own plugin mean if you use of those plugins you don’t need to install the extra redirection plugin anymore.

⭐The keyword feature of using the Redirection plugin

  • Easy to use of doing link redirections.
  • You can redirect to many different types of redirection like 301, 302, or 307…
  • Monitoring the errors that make you quickly see the site error.
  • Using redirection links is the best way to keep the site safe and improve the SEO.

10 Schema Pro

Schema Pro is a schema markup meta structure data plugin – this plugin helps search engines understand the type of your content and it is also useful in improving the organic CTR because the plugin allows you to add such as image, start rating, FAQs, and much more…

Those things will make your site search result get more attractive and get more clicks that drive you tons of traffic and improve the CTR by switching your site ranking position by the search engine when you got more clicks than others.

As the name itself (Schema Pro) it brings you the advanced schema markup features that make you optimize your content for search engine and more likely visibility on the SERPs.

It is one most the most popular WordPress SEO plugins that use by many popular bloggers, marketers, and website owners. This plugin also recommended those who are experienced in getting good ROI.

Why we love Schema Pro 😍

  • Allows you to optimize your content with advanced schema markup.
  • You are able to create different types of schema markup rich snippets.
  • Improve your CTR on the search result.
  • Get more visitor attractive on the search.
  • Drive more traffic to a website.

The Best SEO Tools WordPress Users

Apart from the WordPress SEO plugin the successful bloggers, marketers, and business owners use the SEO tools that help their search engine optimization get much faster and better.

And here are the most popular SEO tools that experts use to helps their search engine optimization task actually get results for their SEO marketing.

1 SEMRush

SEMRush is an all in SEO platform that provide the SEO toolkit to helps customer analyze many types of SEO in a single account. 

What the tools does is it helping the business get measurable result from online marketing with SEO, advertising, content, PR and social media marketing. By accumulating and processing large volumes of data.

It is one the most popular SEO tools on the market and been used by many successful bloggers, marketers, and website owners to improve their search ranking and drive more traffic to their business website.

Semrush best all in one SEO suite tools

SEMRush stats that the company gained over 7 million users who tried the tools, over 808 million domain profiles, 142 geodatabases, and 20 billion keywords.

These large amounts of data can help any company get measurable of their online presence result by using the data provided by the tool to start the marketing strategy.

What makes us love SEMRush SEO tools?😍

  • You’ll a better content with content writing assistant.
  • Domain analytics overview get more ideas of any domain.
  •  Site Audits – Doing the site audit is the best that keeps a website improve the SEO and ranking on SERPs.
  • Content Marketing features which comes with many content strategy tools.
  • Local SEO – This features will helps your improve your local SEO that will boost your website ranking in the target local or country.
  • Social media marketing – this features will helps you get more ideas of how to improve your social strategy, the features included social media poster, tracker, and ads.
  • Backlinks Analysis tools – Reveal all of your competitor backlinks profile and find the opportunity to get from those who’s linking to your competitors.
  • and much more…

2 Ahrefs

Ahrefs is a powerful SEO tool that brings users lots of SEO features to ensure helping users generate more traffics from search engines to their website through SEO marketing by using their suit tools.

If you’re looking for advanced SEO tools that bring everything to the table for your SEO task then Ahrefs is the only SEO tool that you have to consider picking this tool to helps your website SEO.

When I’m talking about brings everything to the table means the SEO tools bring almost all SEO features you’re required in one place that should include Keyword Explorer, Site Explorer, Rank Tracker, Site Audit, Content Explorer, and much more

Ahrefs Keyword explorer

The most interesting about Ahrefs is that if you’re not an Ahrefs customer you also can use their several free SEO tools without having to register an account and no limitation time of use with the free tools.

Why do we love Ahrefs SEO tools?😍

  • Ahrefs provide the best keyword explorer on the market.
  • It is one of the largest backlink databases SEO tools on the web and we can rely on its data for a lot of things.
  • It provides a rank tracker to see how your site keyword performance on the search.
  • Ahrefs provides a really simple way to find the content ideas by the search for the keyword of the products you want to sell or the topic you want to create content about.
  • The backlink checker tool will help you reveal all your competitor backlink profiles so you can reach out the same or similar ones.

3 KWFinder

KWFinder is the most popular keyword research tool that we actually use to do keyword research to find out the keyword ideas, SEO difficulty score, and long-tail keywords that people use to search for products or solutions.

The goal of using a keyword research tool is the find out how hard that keyword is for your site to ranking on search engines and figure out whether we still continue or stop create content with that specific keyword if the SEO difficulty score high or low.

kwfinder keyword research reports

So what KWFinder does for you is provide you an accurate keyword data with SEO metrics to shows keyword difficulty scores, provide suggestion keywords and the SERPs listing for that specific keyword.

What makes us love KWFinder? ⭐

  • Super clean user interface.
  • KWFinder provides keyword search volume more accurately than other keyword tools on the market.
  • The tool provides budget pricing, or you can try it with a free trial.
  • It provides a nice and clean keyword difficulty score and makes more logical sense than the competition.
  • You have options to do filters to find out keywords the way you like.

4 GrowthBar

GrowthBar allows you to do keyword research, find out competitor backlinks, Google ads, and content generation with their open AI features in a single click. 

Bloggers, marketers, and content creators will benefit from this awesome tool because GrowthBar comes with content generator features apart from the SEO tool. Thank this, you’ll be able to create content outlines, correct keywords you’d like to target, intro paragraphs, etc.

best keyword tool

What makes use love GrowthBar? 🚀

  • GrowthBar’s AI content generator can help you save time of creating content.
  • The tool allows you to export your content outlines to Google docs so you team of content writer can create faster.
  • It provide accurate keyword and backlink suggestions.
  • It has a super clean UI.

5 AccuRanker

AccuRanker is the rank tracker tool that helps website owner to track their site performance on the search engines with keywords that want to see those keyword perform. 

By doing tracking keyword blogger or content creator can also improve the quality content to improve the content ranking on SERPs that keep driving more traffic to the business site.

AccuRanker SEO tool

What makes us love AccuRank?

  • The keyword tracking refresh on daily. But you can also do manual refresh any time you want to.
  • You’ll able to track by city, state, and zip code for the local businesses.
  • The tools keeps all the tracking history so that you always jump back the old once any time your want to do it.
  • AccuRanker provide an automated reporting area where you can drag and drop items on a report template for the future.
  • You filter the rankings for mobile, desktop, and local keywords and searches.

6 Google Search Console

Google Search Console (GSC) is a free SEO powered by Google it use for submitting any site if their are want Google to index their website data or want their content on the Google search.

But the most interesting that this can helps you improve your search ranking through the user search queries when you know how to use it.

It also the best keyword research tool when it come to doing keyword research because the tool will provide the exactly keyword that people are searching the Google.

Google search console

If you’re serious want to rank higher on Google search then you need also check out this tool and find out what it suggest to improve your site to get higher ranking and more traffics by integrate the search queries that people search in your content.

Wrapping Up

Now you had done knowing the best WordPress SEO plugin and you may find out the best plugin for your site.

Let’s make things short- The WordPress SEO plugin is the additional function that builds in a specific term for SEO, there are lots of SEO plugin you can choose for your site.

Here are the top 10 best WordPress SEO plugins we covered in this article.

  1. Rank Math 
  2. Yoast
  3. AIO SEO
  4. SEOPress
  5. SEO Framework
  6. SEO Squirrly
  7. WordLift
  8. WP Rocket
  9. Redirection
  10. Schema Pro
So lets us know which WordPress SEO plugin works best for you or you had installed on your site, we love to hear from you if we miss some of the plugins that you might be using and know that not listed here so you also suggest us by leaving a comment below.

Disclosures: This article may contains affiliate link mean when you click on the link and purchase product through our link we earn commission ( with no additional cost to you). Which get me a cup of coffee while creating a content for you.

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