36 Best WordPress Plugins You Always Need

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Start a blog with WordPress is not alone you’ll always have the tons of add-ons  functionality which known as plugins and plugin will helps you solve your desire function on your site that default WordPress doesn’t provide.

There are lots of plugins available on the web which helps WordPress to be come more powerful content management system (CMS).

As the plugins is the most important and playing of helps your WordPress site get more functionalities, in this article we had covered the big list of best WordPress plugins that most success bloggers use on their site.

So, let’s get started…

In hurry? check out our top picks of the best WordPress plugins by its unique functionality.

  1. Rank Math – Best WordPress SEO Plugin.
  2. Elementor – Best WordPress plugin for theme & page builder.
  3. OptimMonster – Best Lead generation & conversion WP plugin.
  4. Schema Pro – Best schema markup WP plugin.
  5. Wordfence – Best WordPress security plugin.
  6. MonsterInsight – Best analytics WP plugin.
  7. Social Snap – Best social sharing plugin.
  8. ConveyThis – Best WordPress language translation.
  9. Starfish Reviews – Best reviews plugin.
  10. WooCommerce – Best eCommerce and online store WP plugin.
  11. WPforms – Best WordPress plugin for form builder.
  12. WP-Rocket – Best paid WordPress caching plugin.
  13. Smush – Best image optimization plugin.

Best WordPress Plugins for SEO

SEO is the most important factors that make you  get success your online business so that why we can’t skip out the SEO when it come to do the business online.

1. Rank Math

best WordPress plugins for seo by rank math

Rank Math is a WordPress SEO plugin that will help you analyze, measure, and improve your rankings.

Rank Math come lately to the market but the features that this plugin brought to us is the powerful features, I would say ” the Rank Math free features are use to be paid by other SEO plugin”.

Best of all Rank Math can be used on any site with WP installed so if you aren’t using it yet then go and use this best plugin for SEO.

2. Yoast SEO

Best WordPress plugins for SEO

Yoast also the most popular SEO plugin for WordPress. It is a comprehensive on-site SEO package, and it’s free too!

Best of all Yoast will help you write the perfect post title as well as meta description to get more traffic to your site.

Yoast also makes sure that every page on your website is fully optimized by checking each URL when saving or update.

3. All In One SEO

AIO SEO Best WordPress SEO plugin

All in One SEO is a really good plugin to get all the things you need for your website. Best of all it’s free and easy to use too, this SEO plugin also helps you with creating the perfect post titles as well as meta descriptions.

It also checks each URL when saving or updating to see if it is SEO friendly and takes care of all your on-page optimization for you.

Best Theme & Page Builder WP Plugins

These theme and page builder plugins will helps you create post and page with drag & drop functions super easy and do it without coding knowledge.

4. Elementor

elementor website builder

Elementor is a drag-and-drop page builder that lets you create pages and posts without having to go into code.

It is the most popular theme and page builder in the market and it also the best recommend plugin that recommended by professional bloggers when it come to create beautiful post and page.

Best of all, it includes more than 120 different design templates which are beautiful on their own or can be customized with the Elementor’s live editor.

5. Beaver Builder

beaver builder page builder

Beaver Builder is a full-featured page builder plugin that includes everything you need to create beautiful pages. Best of all, it’s offers free and paid options and is compatible with all the other plugins in this list.

You can use Beaver builder to build your amazing post and page super easy by using the drag & drop function that the tool provides.

This page builder plugin also the most popular one in the market that have tons of blogger are using nowadays to build their beautiful blog on the web.

6. Gutenberg

Gutenberg best block editor

Gutenburg is an official WordPress page editor that’s currently in beta. Best of all, it allows you to create pages with blocks that can be rearranged and customized without going into code.

It is really simple to use the blog that the tool provides just a single click to get the block type you want add in your post or page.

Best Schema Markup WordPress Plugins

The schema markup plugin will helps you optimize your content for search and make easy to understand you content type and structure data of your content.

7. All In One Schema Markup

all in one schema rich snippet

With the All In One Schema Markup plugin, you can add schema markup to your blog without any coding. You just need to select the type of content from a list and click next!

It also includes an option for adding Twitter Cards metadata in posts, pages or RSS feeds that is very easy too.

Everything make simple with all in one schema, what you have to do is just select the schema type for your post and publish your content the plugin will add schema code directly in your post or page.

8. Schema Pro

Schema Pro is a premium schema markup plugin that works great for everyone even if you are a blogger, SEO expert, or marketer. It includes over 15 different types of schema markup + Google Rich Snippets for your content in search engine results pages (SERPs).

You’ll get more advanced schema markup with this premium plugin in one place which get more better for your content optimization.

Best Analytics WordPress Plugins

If you are looking to check your site traffic stats from Google analytics data in your WordPress dashboard then these WordPress plugins is the right for you.

9. MonsterInsights

MonsterInsights best wordpress analytics plugin

MonsterInsights is one of the best WordPress plugins use to analyze website performance and conversion rates.

Best of all, it provides in-depth reports to help you make better decisions about your site’s future.

If you looking for an advanced site analytics plugin MonsterInsight is the best analytics plugin of all time and provide accurate traffics and more features about your site activity.

10. ExactMetric Analytics

ExactMetric Analytics WP plugin

ExactMetric is the best analytics WordPress plugin that will help you measure your website performance and conversion rates. Best of all, ExactMetric offers in-depth reports to help you make better decisions about your site’s future.

It is another one of the best WordPress plugins you have to consider when it come to find the best analytics plugin for your site.

Best WordPress Plugins for Social Share

If you want your content to go more viral then you need social share plugin to allow your readers your content on the social platform by doing this you also can drive more traffics to your website through social media.

11. Social Snap Share Button

social snap

Social Span is my favorite social media plugin because it’s compatible with popular social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Tumblr, and many more.

Best of all your visitors can share content from your website or blog to their favorite social networking site without leaving the page they are viewing on!

This one of the best WordPress plugins we actually use on our website to allow our readers share the content.

12. Social Warfare

social warfare - best social share plugin

Social Warfare also one of the WordPress Plugins in this list because it provides really great social sharing button and just finds for every WordPress site, this plugin free to use and it also offers a paid version due.

With you social warfare you can add the social share button from the most popular social media such Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Google+ and so on…

13. AddThis Sharing Button

AddThis sharing button best social share plugin

AddThis sharing button is a popular social media plugin that includes share buttons from the most popular social media sites.

Best of all, it is compatible with your theme or page layout and offers a number of customization options to guarantee the best results for your site.

Best Translate Plugins for WordPress

If you’re looking to add more language for your site then these best WordPress plugins is the best for you to us for your site translation.

14. Convey This

Best WordPress Plugins for Translator

ConveyThis is the Best WordPress Plugin for translating your website and the translation is SEO optimized which helps your website get more traffics from your target country with their SEO-optimized page translate.

This translation plugin offering free & paid version but the most interesting about free version is it give you several languages translate which a good fit to go if you looking for your site you can upgrade to premium version any time.

15. Polylang

Polylang is the Best WordPress Plugin for multilingual websites. It offers translations of your website’s content to multiple languages, as well as a translation management system that can be used by translators and editors alike.

Best WordPress Plugins for Reviews

If you looking for the plugin to helps in your products or services reviews purpose then the best WordPress plugins may helps you in this task and bring the features you needs.

16. Starfish Reveiws

starfish reviews best reviews plugin for wordpress

If you are looking for the best review plugin then  Starfish Reviews is the best WordPress plugin reviews for you. It has a simple interface and it lets you manage your website’s reviews from anywhere in just a few clicks.

17. Site Reviews

site reviews plugin

Site Reviews Best WordPress Plugin for reviews products and services, if you looking for the simple ways to add reviews stars and reviews box in your reviews article this plugin done really well for you for these features.

Best WordPress Plugins for Lead & Conversion

In this section you find the best WordPress Plugins that will helps you generate more leads and conversions, we had select only the most popular plugins in market that has so many are using and recommend.

18. OptinMonster

OptinMonster Best Leads generation plugin

OptinMonster Best WordPress Plugin for Lead Generation is a marvel of modern technology. It’s designed to be the most effective way to build your email list and generate leads, with features like A/B testing and sign up forms that are optimized for high converting.

With you’ll get tons of high converting opt-in form that will helps you collect more emails from your readers and an amazing list that helps you get opportunity to convert them from a visitor to the potential clients.

19. Convert Pro

convert pro lead generation plugin for wp

If you looking for Best WordPress Plugin for Lead Generation, Convert Pro is a very powerful plugin. It allows you to create amazing landing page designs and offers conversion optimization tools that can’t be found in any other plugin.

With Convert Pro you will get the most popular email marketing integrated which mean you find get more easy to connect to your email list with this plugin.

20. Sumo Me

Sumo Me

Sumo Me is another best lead generation plugin for WordPress. It will make it easy to drive a lot of traffic, collect leads and increase conversions on your website. Best of all, it’s easy to use and configure the setting.

This plugin also the most popular one in the market that has tons of bloggers and marketers are using on the business site collect more emails and improve their conversion rate.

21. Thrive Leads

Thrive Leads

Thrives Leads is a must-have plugin that will help you grow your business by generating leads and increasing sales through lead generation campaigns, marketing automation tools, and email outreach.

The best thing about this plugin is its ability to be fully customizable – you can make it work for your website.

Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce

If you want to start an online store to sale your products online then this amazing plugins will helps you done the work really quick and super easy to use for selling your products online.

22. WooCommerce


WooCommerce Best WordPress Plugin for eCommerce is a powerful plugin that lets you take your store online. It has dozens of features and connects seamlessly with many services like PayPal, Amazon, Google Shopping, and more.

With WooCommerce, everything made simple of starting an online to sale your product the potential customers around the world.

23. Enhanced eCommerce Google Analytics

eCommerce Google analytics wp plugin

Enhanced eCommerce Google analytics is the one Best WordPress Plugins for eCommerce that you can use to track your site’s performance. With this plugin, it becomes easier than ever before to measure and optimize the traffic flow on your website.

Best WordPress Plugins for Form Builder

If you looking for the best plugin that helps you create any type of form you want like contact form for your website then here you’ll find the best form builder plugins.

24. WPforms

WPforms is the best form builder plugin, it is my favorite form builder plugin that work great to create any type of forms I want to use on my website by using  the easy drag & drop functions to build once.

25. Contact Form 7

contact form 7

If you are looking for a simple to way to build a form like contact form or any type of forms then Contact Form 7 is the best plugin for you because it help you create favorite form super easy by use the drag & drop form functions features that the plugin provides.

Best WordPress Cache Plugins

If you looking a the plugin that will helps your site reduce the HTTP request, TTFB, and improve your site speed then these cache plugin will helps you improve your site speed and also improve your page experience score (core web vitals).

26. W3 Total Cache

This plugin will help you speed up your website and reduce server load. It is one of the best WordPress caching plugins that have tons of bloggers are using on their websites to reduce the HTTPs of the hosting servers.
If you are looking to improve your site for a high performance website then his one of the best WordPress plugins is the best for you.

27. WP Super Cache

WP Super Cache has been around for a long time, but it still manages to be popular with many users because of its reliability and simplicity. This plugin offers you a balance between performance and functionality.

28. WP Rocket

WP Rocket is a caching plugin that you can easily install and use, it helps improve the speed of your website significantly by providing an integrated CDN service from MaxCDN. The plugins offer page caching, database object caching, browser cache

29. LiteSpeed Cache

LiteSpeed cache plugin for WP

LiteSpeed Cache also the one of the best WordPress plugin for cache your WordPress site, this plugin use LiteSpeed Cache to optimize your WordPress site for performance.

This plugin is one of the best WordPress plugins you can use to improve your site performance to get a good page experience score.

Best Security Plugins for WordPress

Secure your site from the malware, malicious activity and get a way from hack is so important to keep your site secure and a place safe for people to visit.

30. iThemes Security

iTheme Security best security plugin for wordpress

This is one of the best WordPress security plugins because it provides everything that you need to secure your website from hackers, spammers, malware-infested links, or any other threat out there on the Internet. You can protect your site against brute force attacks, add login protection, and form field security.

31. Sucuri

sucuri security plugin

This is one of the best WordPress security plugins because it provides you with an excellent antivirus service that scans the files on your website for malware or any other kind of infection. You can monitor every single file change so if a hacker or a spammer tries to do something, you will know about it right away.

32. Wordfence

Wordfence Security plugin

This plugin provides high-level security for your WordPress site from brute force attacks, spammer links, and malware-infested links. You can protect your website through a variety of different methods such as limiting login attempts or adding strong passwords to form fields on the site.

Best Image Optimization WordPress Plugins

Image optimize is also the most important when it come to search engine optimization, and also impact your page experience when you load slow because of your images, then why shouldn’t check these plugins out.

33. Smush

smush it image optimization

If you are looking to optimize your images to make them load faster and take up less space on the server, then this plugin is for you. Smush can be a great way to improve page speed in WordPress so that visitors do not have to wait as long before they see the content of your site.

34. ShortPixel

shortpixel image optimizer

ShortPixel also the best image optimization plugin that provides lossless compression that does not affect the quality of images. The plugin is very easy to use and it reduces image size by up to 80% without affecting their appearance in any way.

35. EWWW Image Optimizer

ewww image optimizer wordpress plugin

EWWW Image Optimizer is a robust tool for anyone who needs an efficient, all-inclusive solution for image optimization and compression. It reduces the file size of images by up to 80% without any loss in quality, saving bandwidth and server space while speeding up load times for your website visitors.

Best WordPress Plugins for Table Creation

During we working content creation some we need to organize your content data with table but WordPress don’t provide by default so we need to use external plugin which will helps the functions of doing this.

36. TablePress

TablePress is a WordPress plugin that will help you with creating tables on your website. You can use it for displaying the most recent blog posts, portfolio items or anything else that requires tabular data presentation.

Bonus: 37. Easy Table of Content

easy table of content

This plugin will allow you to create a nice table of contents for your blog posts. This is especially useful if you have many pages but want visitors to easily find their way around the site.

Wrapping Up

Now you had known all the best WordPress plugins and what they can do for your site, and it time for you to consider picking the best plugins for your WordPress website with the functionality desire for your site purpose.

Disclosures: This article may contains affiliate link mean when you click on the link and purchase product through our link we earn commission ( with no additional cost to you). Which get me a cup of coffee while creating a content for you.

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