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Are you ready to start a blog or website and looking for the best hosting provider for your website or blog to make live online? You at the right place…

In this content, I will detail all of the best WordPress hosting provider companies for you to pick and host your website with them.

But if you are not sure how to start a blog I highly recommend reading my guide on how to start a blog for beginners it will solve your wondering click here to read.

Alright stop wasting the time let’s move on to check of best WordPress hosting companies that recommended by many bloggers or some of them are recommended by WordPress itself.

I had to break it down into two options which mean: 

  1. Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners
  2. Best WordPress Hosting for growth Blogger (Advance).

Before we move into the best WordPress hosting provider company we need to make sure what makes WordPress hosting service is the best? 

Here is the key concepts…
  •  Pricing – the main thing of all the buyers are looking for a good price of buying any product or service and make comparisons with other.
  • Features Included in hosting plan –  It is so important when it comes to picking up the best WordPress hosting plan to host your website because it affects your site.
  • Security of Hosting – You need to make sure the service includes security to host your website.
  • Loading Speed of site – speed is so important to your website because it impact your site ranking on search engine like Google.
  • Supports – While hosting you may have an issue with your website and hosting then you need supports to make sure the hosting company you host your website with has good and fast supports but don’t worry much about the supports because I believe all of the hosting providers is has good customer support nowadays otherwise no one gonna host the website with them.
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Best WordPress Hosting for Beginners

Okay, let’s dive right into the best hosting for beginners right now, if you are a beginner blogger this can helps you to get started and if you already a growth blogger then move to best WordPress hosting for growth blogger section below.

1. Hostinger - Best Cheap WordPress Hosting

When you start a first blog you don’t have much traffic to your website, you had to work more on your website to create content, SEO and more…

Meaning you are on the work not a time on to make money from your blog yet then why you had to pay for expensive for web hosting without return on ROI.

If you don’t know what is ROI? It mean return on investment.

With Hostinger you will get a good price of the best WordPress hosting plan, it is the best place to get start your blog with, I am not mean that this hosting company can’t work for you when your site growth but what I mean is we can save money while we just started a website or blog and we had lots of things to working on.

Now let’s getting started why Hostinger hosting…

Hostinger give you the best budget of hosting plan pricing when you are a starter of blogging, you can host your website with Hostinger with just $ 1.99 a month if you wish to host only 1 WordPress website.

Best WordPress Hosting for beginners

Now move on to next step of what make Hostinger is the best WordPress hosting provider for you and what features it included in a single WordPress plan.

A single WordPress hosting plan provide you the best features if you compare with other company hosting plan.

Anyways the hosting company had their own unique marketing strategy to sale their services but what I can say is, it the best WordPress hosting company that you can consider to start your first blog.

There are more interesting things that you have to know about the Hostinger…

If you looking for the more advance features you can always able to upgrade to the next level plan of your hosting because Hostinger provides multi-plans that you can purchase to host your site as I said it not just a starter but also offer better options to upgrade your hosting plan when your site growth.

All we do with pricing and features, let’s check out the performance and speed of a host.

Hostinger best cheap hosting

With Hostinger you will get the best performance & fast speed loading time of your website.

When it comes to choosing the best WordPress hosting always thinking of the performance the host provides because it impacts the website SEO and ranking on SERP.

If you pick the slow hosting plan to host your website, then your website not gonna rank well on the SERP because search engines also use site speed as one of the most important factors to rank a webpage.

Best WordPress Hosting in 2021

Hostinger provides customer support 24/7/365 a quick chat support, it will make it easy to ask when you had some issue related to your hosting plan then the customer will able to helps you anytime.

Best WP Hosting in 2021

After you purchase a Hostinger hosting plan you will meet the best new experience user-friendly cPanel to getting easy to set things up for your website, it really well done optimized the control panel to make use easy of use.

One more thing you had to know is Hostinger offer 30 days money-back guarantee which means you can get your money back within 30 days of hosting if you don’t like the hosting they provide and cancel.

It cool right?

Now your time to make the decision to grab the hosting plan for your site with Hostinger.

Hostinger logo

2. BlueHost - Best WordPress Hosting for new site

Bluehost is another best WordPress Hosting that recommends by WordPress itself that you can be considering of host your website with this hosting company.

It is one of the most powerful web hosting service that had recommended by so many blogger and webmaster to new blogger to host their website with BluesHost.

Let’s dive into the price and the powerful features of BlueHost hosting…

Best WordPress Hosting for new website

There are 3 plans available on BlueHost shared WordPress hosting package, if you are a new blogger and want to start a blog with BlueHost the first plan is the best fit for you and your site.

while you are a beginner you had lots of work and don’t have much traffic yet, anyway when your site growth more traffic you can upgrade to a better plan anytime you want.

With BlueHost you will start your website quick and easy with their user-friendly interface design to helps you get easy to use to set up a site with their one-click automatic installation of WordPress.

BlueHost cares about your website performance and speed it also uses technology to improve your website loading time and performance to boost your site ranking and have a good user experience.

BlueHost best WordPress Hosting

BlueHost also like other hosting company it values their customer to bring a quick supports with 24/7 live chat or phone call.

Are you ready to go with BlueHosting hosting? If YES, cool click the button below to get started.

bluehost logo

3. HostGator - Best Budget-Friendly WordPress Hosting

Looking or want to check more best WordPress hosting solutions to get more ideas of the host features that will help you pick the right one?

HostGator is another best WordPress hosting company that get the most popular hosting provider and lots of recommending by blogger to host your website with the company.

If you want to best values of a site hosting and get more advance hosting features HostGator is the best fit for you.

Let’s take a look about the HostGator hosting plan pricing and features and get more ideas to find the right WordPress hosting for your website.

Best WordPress Hosting Provider

You can getting started a hosting with HostGator hosting from $5.95 per month to get your website live only with their powerful technology of a web host.

In each hosting package it has different values features, as a beginner of blogging I high recommend you to pick the first plan if you decide to go with HostGator because it can save you money while you just startup a brand you website online and has less traffic to the site.

Now, you get some idea of choosing a hosting plan, it a time to check out what make HostGator the best WordPress hosting provider?

HostGator Best WordPress Hosting

Above image is the major features that HostGator focusing on to bring the user the best web hosting with the awesome technology it using to improve customer website better performance, security and get easy to use.

HostGator Best WordPress hosting

With HostGator you will get multi-support options, it bring better support options that you can use to get customer support with HostGator.

This hosting provide is one of the best WordPress hosting company that you can considering to host your website with.

What do you think about HostGator? Is it good to go? If so do it now by click the button below.

Hostgator logo

4. DreamHost - A Lowest Spend Best WordPress Hosting

Looking for a budget hosting with awesome technology to integrate WordPress hosting to your website with?

DreamHost a great place to go, you will get less spend of your hosting plan to your first website on DreamHost with just $2.59 per month with a powerful host technology integrated to ensure your site performance and security is great.

Here you can see the list of hosting plans’ prices in the image below…

DreamHost Best WordPress Hosting

If you are a beginner to start a blog the first hosting plan is the best fit for you because it charge the hosting fee super low that you can getting started with.

To improve customer website performance DreamHost the SSD Storage which mean your site file get much faster to access with SSD technology.

Let’s check out what include in a hosting package?

DreamHost Best WordPress Hosting

As you can see in the image above the features is so amazing if we compare them with the pricing of a hosting package.

It is the best feature in my opinion for this price of hosting plan that beginner should start a website with this hosting company.

DreamHost Best wordpress hosting

Need helps with your website hosting DreamHost offering the multi-support options that you can contact and ask for support to solve your issue.

It has a knowledge base for quick options that you can check to find the solution before you can contact the customer support team which is a great resource to learn and solve a problem by your self.

Are you ready to start your website with DreamHost? You can do it right now by click the button below.

Dreamhost logo

Best WordPress Hosting for Growth Site

A growth website always need better web hosting features to make a website get better for the future to grow.

At this time we talking about expensive web hosting if you a beginner blogger I highly recommend you to use the above hosting company to get started on your first website after your site grows, Yes you can move.

But you still have to read this section to get an idea of what to do with your website hosting next when you get more traffic and audiences.

5. Kinsta - Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Kinsta is the best managed WordPress hosting that growth blogger needs to consider of move their website to this hosting company because it gives customer high performance, better security, and more advanced features that help you get a better user experience on your website.

With Kinsta you will have tons of hosting plans that you choose to host your site but what you had to do is just need to determine how growth your site is and what plan is fit for your growth.

Best Managed WordPress Hosting

If you want to host only 1 website I think the first plan (Starter) is the best fit for you to get started with because the features is complete your desire.

After pricing and features let’s check the what technology that Kinsta use to make it the best managed WordPress hosting and expensive hosting once.

Kinsta best managed wordpress hosting

Here what makes Kinsta the best-managed WordPress hosting…

  • Kinsta uses Google Cloud Platform to host your website.
  • High-Security technology like DDoS detection, Hardware firewall, Uptime monitoring, and SSL support.
  •  Performance & Speed: Kinsta use PHP 8.0, MariaDB, Nginx, and LXD container.
  • Free site migration – to helps use get fast and easy of move a website to Kinsta.
All these features technology ensure your website performance, speed, and secure your website bring your business to the next level.
kinsta logo

6. WPX Hosting - Best Fast Managed WordPress Hosting

Looking for a fast managed WordPress hosting for your business website WPX  Hosting is the best fit for you because this hosting company provide the values hosting for your business.

When it come to WPX Hosting it not just a fast managed WordPress hosting it include more advance features that will boost your site performance and security to make sure your site up and running all the time.

WPX Hosting has a lots of premium features that you ever need for your site hosting in every hosting package that company provided.

Here is the Hosting plan comparing…

WPX Hosting Fast Managed WordPress Hosting

And in the individual plan there are more features that include to those plan that you will able to use on your web hosting control panel to improve your website performance.

Let’s check the additional key features that provide by WPX Hosting for any plan you will host with WPX.

Fast Managed WordPress hosting

Here is what makes WPX Hosting the best fast managed WordPress hosting…

  • High Speed Custom CDN with 26 Global Edge locations.
  • High-Security Technology: WPX uses DDoS protection, Daily Malware Scanning & Removal, PHP 7.X, 28 Days Automatic Backups.
  • Supports: Average 30 second Live Chat Response time 24/7/365.
WPX Best Fast Managed WordPress


Now you had reached out of all the best WordPress Hosting provider services that you can choose to host your website with any type of your business website whether you are a beginner or a pro blogger there are hosting options that will solve your hosting desire.

  1. Hostinger – Best Cheap WordPress Hosting.
  2. BlueHost – Best WordPress Hosting for a new website.
  3. HostGator – Best Budget WordPress Hosting.
  4. DreamHost – A Lowest Best Spend WP Hosting.
  5. Kinsta – Best Managed WordPress Hosting.
  6. WPX Hosting – Best Fast Managed WordPress Hosting.
Which one is the best WordPress Hosting for you right now to start your website with? tell me yours in the comment below.

Disclosures: This article may contains affiliate link mean when you click on the link and purchase product through our link we earn commission ( with no additional cost to you). Which get me a cup of coffee while creating a content for you.

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