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Are you a beginner blogger and want to know more about managed WordPress hosting? 

Then you are at the right place in this article I will share with you the best managed WordPress hosting companies for you to consider.

Let’s get started…

First let’s getting know what exactly Managed WordPress Hosting and why it is and more about it.

What is Managed WordPress Hosting?

Managed WordPress hosting is a concierge service where all technical aspects of running WordPress by the host. This includes security, speed, WordPress updates, daily backups, website uptime, and scalability. 

One of the best parts of managed WordPress hosting is premium technical supports when you had an issue with your hosting.

The hosting support team will always able to connect with you and help whenever you need it with their quick support options.

The main goal of managed WordPress hosting is to offer the complete hassle-free experience, that will helps website owner focus on running their business and do what they had to do to make the business growth.

When do you need Managed WordPress Hosting?

If you are a beginner who just starting a blog, you DO NOT need a managed WordPress hosting. Because you had more works to be done, you don’t have high-traffics to your site, and it not a budget friendly hosting plan. 

The good idea is…

You should start with regular WordPress hosting.

We highly recommend DreamHost or Bluehost which is also an official recommended by that you trust to host your WordPress site with one these hosting providers.

For more about WordPress hosting that you need know and consider learn more with our guide of Best WordPress Hosting Providers, click here.

Now if you are a small business or have high-traffics site then it make sense for you to choose managed WordPress hosting. 

As a growth business we need a better options of our business website to make scalable and stable without any technical issues that will impact our site traffic, UX, and marketing then managed WordPress hosting is best ways you need to consider of hosting site.

The Pros of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Security – The main aim of premium managed WordPress hosting is to provide the user with the best security of their hosting, so you don’t have to worry about hacking, malware, DDoS attack, malicious, or any other security issues. 
  • Speed – speed plays in a significant role in SEO and website ranking, you can do many things to improve it such as using a cache plugin, a content delivery network like Cloudflare or MaxCDN, and reduce the image size.
  • Supports – you will get expert support when you hosted your site with managed WordPress hosting, you will get WordPress expert assist you always when you need some of the technical support.
  • Automatic Update – Managed WordPress hosting gives you automate backup which is really easy for you when you need to restore when some wrong on your site, with out doing backup manually by self.
  • No Downtime – No matter how much traffics your site gets it still not go down. mean your website will still up and running even you get really high-traffic come across your site.

The Cons of Managed WordPress Hosting

  • Expensive – Managed WordPress Hosting usually charges higher than shared hosting, there are huge different pricing between shared hosting and managed WordPress hosting. shared hosting usually costs around $3.95 per month and managed WordPress cost around $30 on average.
  • Plugin Limitation – user love plugin to add additional functionality desire, managed WordPress hosting does not allow the heavy resource and it also not allow cache plugin including W3 Total Cache and WP Super cache as well here you can see the full list of disallowed plugins.

Now you already know what is managed WordPress hosting and when do you need it, pros and cons of managed WordPress hosting then let’s move on deeper with best managed WordPress hosting companies with comparision to make decision of host your website with.

And check what make them the best managed WordPress hosting?

8 Best Managed WordPress Hosting

let’s get started with the best-managed WordPress hosting I had covered below and find the right one for your need.

1. Kinsta

Kinsta Best Managed WordPress Hosting

🥇 Kinsta is the fastest growth business because of the high-quality hosting platform and their WordPress-only focus that make user website stay stable on their hosting and always on uptime on the hosting service.

Hosting with Kinsta is more of premium solution, but what you can for investment is get well optimized platform, large number of visitors,  expert supports, automatically scaling, best security, WP-CLI, CDN integration, Git, SSH.

But more than that Kinsta has added more plan pricing which is great for smaller which you can get started with Kinsta managed WordPress hosting lower cost. 

💵 Kinsta Price – you can get started with Kinsta as low as $30/month for month and only $25/month for annual. 

Best Managed WordPress Hosting
kinsta logo

2. Flywheel

Flywheel Best managed WordPress hosting

🥈 Flywheel is another best-managed WordPress hosting company built with developers and creators in mind, offering the managed WordPress hosting specifically to suit their needs. 

Flywheel offers a solid managed hosting experience at near-budget prices. There are cheaper alternatives out there, but few can match Flywheel when it comes to the overall quality of service. If you’re a WordPress user and want to host your with the best-managed WordPress hosting in the budget, Flywheel is definitely worth considering.

If you are looking for the best-managed WordPress hosting that offers low-budget price Flywheel is the best for you. 

 💵  Flywheel pricing – you can get started with Flywheel managed WordPress hosting as low as $13/month for annual hosting at the Tiny plan.

Flywheel best managed WordPress hosting pricing
flywheel managed wordpress hosting logo

3. WPX Hosting

WPX Best Managed WordPress hosting

🥉 WPX Hosting offering the best-managed WordPress hosting solution for growing business, this hosting platform is focusing to provide the customer fast and reliable managed WordPress hosting service.

WPX hosting is built with three objectives in mind is to provide superior page loading SPEED through their own custom content delivery network (CDN free for all customers), make things in SIMPLICITY for the user, and with fast at an average of 30 seconds live chat support.

💵 WPX pricing – you can get started with WPX hosting from $20.83/month for annual payment at a business plan.

WPX Best Fast Managed WordPress

4. DreamPress

DreamHosting Managed WordPress Hosting

DreamPress is a managed WordPress hosting service platform for WordPress powered by DreamHost, It brings up all you need premium features, DreamPress is the most popular name when it comes to managed WordPress hosting platform.  

DreamHost was found in 1996 and they launched DreamPress sine 2013 due to the rising popularity of managed WordPress hosting platforms. And the most interesting about DreamPress is they had added free email included in any plan that most managed WordPress hosting doesn’t have.

 💵 DreamPress Pricing – you can get started with DreamPress managed WordPress hosting at the lowest price $16.95/month for the first DreamPress plan.

Dreamhost logo

5. Rocket

rocket best managed wordpress hosting

Rocket offer managed WordPress hosting solution that optimized and delivered by Cloudflare with the built-CDN and WAF, customer will get a fast and secure site with Rocket hosting.

Rocket offers a high-security network that keeps your site safe from hack and malware with the built-in and always-on security network suite.

💵 Rocket pricing – you can get started with Rocket at $25 per month for annual payment otherwise you had to pay $30 per month if you for monthly. managed wordpress hosting logo

6. BlueHost

Bluehost managed wordpress hosting

Bluehost offering a website hosting solution of all types and it one of the official recommendations for WordPress hosting, it also offers the managed WordPress hosting due to the rising popularity of managed WordPress hosting platforms.

If you’re looking for budget-managed WordPress hosting Bluehost the best place that you can consider hosting your website because you can get started with Bluehost-managed hosting and all premium features at a lower price.

💵 Bluehost pricing – you can get started with Bluehost-managed WordPress hosting at $9.95 per month.

bluehost logo

7. LiquidWeb

liquidweb managed WordPress hosting

LiquidWeb offers a multi-web hosting solution, they also offer the managed WordPress hosting package due to the popularity of managed WordPress hosting platform.

This hosting company is the other managed WordPress hosting that has to consider when it comes to picking up the right managed Wordpres host for your business website.

Because they brought you with competitive pricing and premium features you need for your web host.

💵 LiquidWeb pricing – you can get started with LiquidWeb managed WordPress hosting for $12.67/month to get all premium features of WordPress hosting.

liquidweb managed wordpress hosting


It all about the best-managed WordPress hosting solution, did you find one for your website hosting? – Let’s us know which the best one for your website and your experience with them.

We are glad to hear from you about the manage WordPress hosting.

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