Affiliate Marketing for Beginner in 2021

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Are you a blogger and wondering what is affiliate marketing and how to get started with? 

If YES, you are at the right place today I will walking you through what is affiliate marketing and how you can make money from affiliate marketing.

In this article, you will learn affiliate marketing from beginner to advance level to helps you get the right way of doing your affiliate marketing jobs get success with your affiliate marketing website.

But before we getting started the things let’s know what the affiliate marketing meaning and how it work…

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is the process of sending the traffic to affiliate partner companies or retails and earn a commission when they make a purchase of the product or service through the refers link.

The affiliate simply searches for a product they enjoy, then promotes that product, and earns a piece of the profit from each sale they make.

To get started with affiliate marketing you need to join the affiliate program partner company to take the product or service to promotes on your website.

Here are some of the most popular affiliate programs…

How Does Affiliate Marketing Work?

Affiliate Marketing

Here how it work…

Let’s imagine you take affiliate partner a brand’s products or services to promote on your website and then your visitor click on a products or services your promote on your site.

The visitor will redirect to affiliate partner brand’s products or services website after they make purchase a products or service of your affiliate partner and then the network will automatically pays out commission to you.

What should you have before start affiliate marketing?

If you are serious of make money with affiliate marketing you need to have things or a place where you can promote the affiliate marketing products or services you wish to make money from.

1. You need to have a blog

A blog or website is great place share your knowledge with something you passionate and really good at that to guide people to solve things they face problems around your topic.

It is a great place you can promote your affiliate marketing products or services with your reader to earn money from your blogging job.

If you don’t know how to start a blog, I highly recommend reading our guide on how to start a blog the right way.

After you had already launched a blog and pick the right niche for blogging, now it is time to go to the next level.

2. Benefit Keyword Research for Affiliate Marketing

Keyword research can helps you get the keyword ideas to create a content for affiliate marketing that drive more traffic to your affiliate website.

You need to have good skill of doing keyword research that will make you get more affiliate sale to make money from affiliate marketing program, what you had to do with keyword research is to find the benefit keyword to optimize them in your content to get a better SEO and higher ranking.

If you need helps on how to do keyword research the right way I highly recommend you to read our guide on how to do keyword research click here to learn more.

Let’s imagine you send 100 visitors to affiliate program partner and only 2 of them are purchase to products of your affiliate partner means you 20% conversion rate out of 100% and in each sale you earn 50 dollars.

What if you send more traffics to for example 1000 visitors to affiliate partner and again 20% out of 1000 visitors how many sale you make? 20 sales then 20*50 = 10,00 dollars you make.

But to get good amount of sale like this you need to working well on your blog SEO, Keyword research and better content creation which will helps you get more affiliate sales.

sound great? Keep reading…

3. Pretty Link

If you serious want to make more money from affiliate marketing program you need to invest premium affiliate plugin like pretty link.

With Pretty Link it will cloak your affiliate link to make it look better and user friendly and sometime your visitor don’t know that the link is an affiliate link so it will helps you make you more affiliate sale.

affiliate marketing pretty link plugin

If you don’t what is Cloaking link is a technique that uses to make long affiliate links to shorter links.

For example, your affiliation may look like this:

and it will cloak the link like this:

You can cloak any affiliate link you want to make it impress to your visitor and place it on your article to send more traffic to your affiliate partner website and earn more commission from the program.

How to Make Money from Affiliate Marketing

You had reach out the deeper of affiliate marketing and will learn how to make money from the affiliate marketing through the steps.

Okay, let’s get started…

Step1) Find a Product or Service to Promote

This step is really simple and easy to day but you had to make sure to pick on the product or service that are relevant to your niche by just pick random product or service to promote on your website it may or may not work for you.

The best idea of promote a success affiliate product is understanding what you are going to blog about or what is your blogging niche.

You need to fix it out what your topics and find the most relevant product from affiliate partner to promote on your website.

For example: If I am thinking of starting a content about WordPress theme I would find affiliate program that provide the premium WordPress theme after I join the program then after approve I will able to promote that affiliate partner theme on my new content.

Step2) Produce Amazing Affiliate Marketing Content

Content marketing is key that help people get more sales online because it can drive lots of traffic to a website if you do the right way and optimize them well for search engine ranking and following the ranking factors of search engine algorithm.

That why content marketing is a hassle for any type business when it come to sale things online. But how to produce the content that will increase affiliate marketing sale?

Well, it is the main thing that we will focusing on and work hard with to get affiliate sales as much as possible.

Here the key concept of creating a amazing affiliate content that increase sales and earn more commission…

  • Create amazing content or review of a product or service.
  • Write content that negotiates consumers to buy the product.
  • Make you sure need to early place affiliate link because not many people will your entire article.
  • Optimize keyword in content that boosts your article ranking.
  • Well, optimize your article on-page and off-page SEO. 

Step3) Email Marketing

There are ways that you can get more traffic to come to your site and email marketing is the best marketing strategy that helps you get more sales on affiliate products or services.

But how you can get success with email marketing?

First, you need to build an opt-in form that can collect email from your reader to start your email marketing strategy that bring customer to your money site.

But how?

When it comes to building an email list you need a software or plugin that helps you collect emails from your readers.

Did you ever hear about the opt-in form? if not, well it is a form that helps you collect email from your visitors and built up a list for email marketing.

There are lots of best email marketing software available on the internet some of them are free and some are paid that will helps you collect the email to start up you email marketing.

If you are using WordPress it nice because that are lots of opt-in plugins that available to uses but one of my favorite plugin is OptinMonster with the plugin you can build any type of opt-in form that can collect email for your business and do your email marketing.


There are free and premium options that you can use OptinMonster plugin but if you seriously want the best features or pro trigger functions you need to purchase for a premium version.

Step4) Social Media Marketing

social media marketing

If you want more affiliate sales you need to do something better way that can drive you more traffic to your affiliate content then social media is the place that you can do marketing.

Here why you should use social media for doing marketing to get more affiliate sales to make more money from it.

Every day, the number of social media users increases. Every second, 11 people use social media for the first time. In 2017, less than 2.5 billion people were on social media worldwide. Today, in 2020, some 3.8 million people use social media, which is more than half the world’s population according to

But how to do social media marketing?

First, you need to determine what social media work great for your affiliate marketing, go and create your own social channel on that social platform.

There are ways that you can do marketing with social networking. 

Here is it…

  1. Do social marketing for free.
  2. Paid advertising social marketing.

Let’s get started with all the methods of social marketing.

  • How to do Social Media Marketing for free?
After you fix it out what social channel works well for your affiliate marketing then go and create channels on those social platforms, what you have to do next is to built-up a community on your social channel.
Once you had a good amount of audience in the community then it’s time to promote your affiliate content in your social media channel community sharing the affiliate content that you published on your blog.

This method will bring traffics to your website and your affiliate marketing will increase the sale.

  • How to do paid advertising on social media.

These are the paid options that will help you get the right target traffics for your affiliate marketing by using the paid advertising on your social network.

What you had to do for this step is to create and paid ads on social and set the target audience for your affiliate marketing by using the demographic provided by the social ads platform to configure what you desire from ads.

How Do Affiliate Marketer Get Paid?

To make money without actual sell your own products or services you need to invest initial amount of time to work with affiliate marketing to produce an amazing content that will negotiate visitors and covert them to a buyer.

There are multiple ways that marketer can make money from affiliate marketing and will details it in few second later at the below section.

1. Pay Per Sale

When you refers customer that made a purchase on your affiliate program partner product or service then you will earn a commission from the affiliate sale.

This is the standard affiliate marketing structure. In this program, the merchant pays the affiliate a percentage of the sale price of the product after the consumer purchases the product as a result of the affiliate’s marketing strategies.

2. Pay Per Lead

A more complex system, pay-per-lead affiliate programs compensate the affiliate based on the conversion of leads. The affiliate must persuade the consumer to visit the merchant’s website and complete the desired action — whether it’s filling out a contact form, signing up for a trial of a product, subscribing to a newsletter, or downloading software or files.


Starting affiliate marketing is a good concept that will make us a passive income when we know what to do with affiliate marketing to get more sale and pick the right affiliate products or service to promote on our blog.

Now you had learn everything about starting an affiliate marketing to make money with affiliate program, Did you had more questions about affiliate marketing leave a comment below I will response as soon as possible.

Disclosures: This article may contains affiliate link mean when you click on the link and purchase product through our link we earn commission ( with no additional cost to you). Which get me a cup of coffee while creating a content for you.

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